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ShoutBox Rules !!
« on: September 25, 2019, 10:20:04 AM »
There are certain rules which keeps a forum strong. Shoutbox is a major part of our forum to communicate. So there must be some rules needed to make sure everything goes perfect. So these shoutbox rules must be followed by everyone in shoutbox :

1-No Spamming (Meaning multiple messages after each other with no purpose or meaning ,multiple smileys etc. It may result in temporary or permanent ban from Shoutbox).

2-No Advertising (May result in instant ban).

3-No long personal shouts, if you are 1 to 1 chat, then move it to pms. Shoutbox is for public usage, not for 1-1 chats.

4-No Flaming or Arguing or annoying the staff members (Suspension From Shoutbox, and Infraction On-site and if repeated banned from site).

5-Make your 'shout' or 'chat' clean and legible.

6-No Requesting in shoutbox (Like upload that movie, that game etc).

7-No images are allowed to directly post in shoutbox using [*img] codes, post only image link. Users will click on that link to see image.
-In case any image link nudity should not be there.
-If any particular image is needed to be shared in shoutbox , and its having Nude ads , then you must have to edit image with image editors and erase or blacken the Nude parts of that image.

8-Don't Advertise your posted topic link in ShoutBox Otherwise Your Advertised Post will be Removed.

9-Nude image is not allowed in any case.

10-Abusive words or Bad Language is not allowed.

11-No sexual talk is allowed.

12-No hassling is allowed.

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