Author Topic: Rules for Removing Any Topic (All Moderator Must Follow) !!  (Read 39 times)

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Rules for Removing Any Topic (All Moderator Must Follow) !!
« on: September 25, 2019, 10:42:12 AM »
Here are some rules to remove Topic or Post :

1-Remove only those topics which are not complies with ShareSpark policy or rule.

2-Remove only these topics which contain
        a) Spam
        b) Advertisement of any type
        c) Use of link shorten or protector
        d) Unnecessary or Unwanted topic
        e) Topic contain misleading content or links
        f)  Use of abusive laungage

3-Don't Remove any topic without discuss with other Moderator or Admin. [Not applied for above rules]

4-Don't Remove any other topic which contain download link and complies with ShareSpark policy.

5-If topic contain Dead link, then it must not be removed !!

6-If two topic contain same movie and also same encoder rip first add all mirror link to first topic and then remove the second topic.

7-Please dont remove any reply in your topic just to make topic look better. Other users replies are important for them. So we should respect their replies (Until they break any rules).

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